Playing style


This is a farsical larp with horror elements, in a rather silly setting. As organizers we expect  loud and silly play with a keen focus on creating entaglements.   All the roles are Norwegian, but we might be open to change that if it's suitable to the player, the character and the larp.

Deadmoor Sanatorium is a small, privately operated sanatorium in the Norwegian contryside, where patients are treated discreetly for their illnesses and maladies. The sanatorium is renowned for its strict diet and its excersice regime, known to straighten up even the most challenging ne'er-do-well

The patients are mostly drawn from the upper middle class or upper class, comitted either on their family's requests, or because they need a treatment not usually offered in public hospitals. Many of them have fragile minds and/or severe character flaws. Players portraying these roles are expected to play upon ridiculos diseases, fall for temptations, and otherwise do their best to circumvent the strict diet and exercise regiment of the sanatorium.

The employees are profesionals. There are doctors, psychologists, nurses, and training instructors. Their job is to ensure the pasients cure. Players protraying employes are expected to set diagnosis, perscribe suitable diets, suggest new treatments and otherwise follow up and monitor their patients.

Diet and exercise will be a key element in the larp. The diet food will be edible and sustainable, but rather silly and not particular enjoyable (Last run saw inventive dishes such as cabbage stew with vanilla icecream, or an alternative take on carrot cake). The pasients will to the best of their ability try to escape their diets, or get the doctors to switch them over to something better. The organizers requests that  the players bring their own stock of banned items, such as chokolade, sweets, tobacco and alcohol. Such items are naturally prohibted at the sanatorium, and if the employees discovers such things it will be confiscated and locked away. Circumventing the regime can create a lot of fun, but requires that patient players try to hide stuff, and that employee players turn a blind eye to things.

The larp was first run in 2013. Last time the year was set to 1937. We have chosen to set it to 1939 in this run. At that time, World War Two was two months old, and the phoney war was on. Norway was not involved, and most people believed that it would stay that way.  Roles are naturally influenced by this, and discussions in play may become more heated and polarized